Perks of being a scientist

  1. You can wear whatever you want

I think the list begins and ends there

I was expecting to bump up my wardrobe on a massive level because the corporate world is serious and dignified. Little did I know that the industrial lab resembles any university lab where you wear what you like. giphy

Image from

When I learnt this I was over the moon because I saved mega bucks. However, I do believe that in the future I will create a work wardrobe. Actually, if it went by clothes alone I would say I was in the wrong career because I do like the idea of wearing pencil skirts and button up shirts to work. Lily, a senior admin something, gives me life, I see myself in her. Plus she has really nice legs. Motivation! So, the plan for my wardrobe for the lab was basically brogues, chinos and button up shirts,  which I can still do. Got a whole Pinterest page dedicated to it.

So I managed with my very unfashionable clothes. I did catch their eye though on the day I decided to wear my beloved Docs. Many people confused my  Dr Martens for safety shoes. They were also very curious to know what size they were. Yes, it is a size 7. And yes, I have big feet. But yes! I am a tall girl so it’s kinda expected. Isn’t it?!


To celebrate the love of casual and the love of sneakers in the lab, I spoiled myself after my first paycheck. To be honest, I don’t plan on wearing them often. Wouldn’t want to spill anything on my Levi’s sneaks.




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