Moving in?

Now that I can speak from experience, thought I’d share some not-so-golden but hopefully useful information.

  1. Detergents: If you’re lucky the place will be fumigated before you move in. Nonetheless, an excess of detergents will be required to keep your place clean and safe.
  2. A real bed:  See, I make this statement because I’ve been sleeping on a sponge mattress for four years. For one of those years I had a plywood base, which was not cool. I’ve been clicking my back every day since. So yes, when I go home, I sleep in my mom’s bed on the first night because hers is super comfortable.
  3. Roommate agreement. I’m still a bit nervous about having a house mate. I’ve been alone for the past two years, but its important to set some ground rules and be firm. I really need to work on this one. 43367902.jpg
  4. A truck: We don’t have U-Haul, so I either need to hire a trailer and a car with a tow bar, a friend with a van, or petrol to make many trips with my peanut.
  5. Holy water: I know its not my official first place, but it would have been really comforting to have my grandmother come over and pray with a bit of holy water.



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